Your Fannish Job Search

So you want that extra experience in fandom for your career.  You want to hone your skills doing something you like so you can someday get paid for it.  You want to learn while having fun.

Of course you want these things, but how do you do it?

Simple.  Start a fandom job search.

A fandom job search is where you deliberately seek out a position for your own improvement – and to practice what you love.  It's no different than a regular job search.  What do you do?

  • You network of course.  Let people know you're looking to put your skills to use and ask them if they know of any leads or can look for you.  Just like a job search.
  • You find places you want to work and "cold-mail" them to see if they're interested in you.  You never know when you're the right person at the right time.
  • You learn to market yourself – via Twitter, Facebook, personal web page, etc.  You make fannish business cards and more.
  • You find ways to show your skills with portfolios, flyers, and maybe even a "hobby resume."

It's no different than a regular job search.  If you want to improve yourself doing a hobby, it's often the same as looking for a job.

Come to think of it, you might learn some job search skills while looking . . .

– Steven Savage