Behold: The Power Of The Couch!

Let me introduce you to an incredibly powerful artifact, one that many of us have, and that can help us make our small contributions to alleviating unemployment and the suffering of our friends.

Your living room couch.

This powerful item (in such variants as Couch + 2, and Couch Of The Former Roommate) can be applied to help alleviate the unemployment and career issues of friends and family the following manner:

  1. First, make sure you live in a desirable region for employment.  If not, you will want to find friends and family who will apply The Power of The Couch for your benefit.
  2. Now find people you know that would want to live in your region and look for work.
  3. Have one of those people move in with you and use said couch as a bed when they sleep.  While they live with you, have them look for work.
  4. Do not charge them rent or utilities since you already can afford your apartment our house.  Wait for them to find a job.
  5. When they become employed, have them move to their own room, move out, or get a larger place.
  6. Repeat.

This is the Power Of The Couch, the Futon of Employment, the Davenport of Prosperity.  You've got one right now in your house or apartment – or the equivalent (such as the Inflatable Mattress of Riches, which can be placed on the Living Room Floor Space of Career Happiness).

We're facing tough times.  Use these powerful resources to help your family and friends.

Steven Savage