News of the Day 8/2/2010

The economy sucks, but you may be able to use your cell phone as a credit card. It's a slow news day, but we've got some interesting stuff still!

Bob Herbert is angry, and he may have a right to be. Evidence that job cuts were worse than needed and people aren't sharing in a recovery. If he's right, then there's a gap in expectations, employe/employer relations, and social expectations of economic growth.

Internet connectivity and economic development.

It seems almost every carrier is working on a way to replace credit cards with smartphones. That's just a boost to the smartphone market if any of this works.

Social Networks and gaming account for a third of time online – I'm surprised it's that low.

Video Games:
Zynga has a new CFO. Which isn't surprising considering the changes going on. Now what that means for how they spend money may affect the future . .

How playfish demonstrates the use of the cloud in games – A thoughtful read.

Total Nerdity:
Using an episode of the Last Airbender in a class on manga. And you thought you couldn't use this stuff . . .

Question of the Day: So when do you think the media will panic over smartphome-as-credit-card security?

Steven Savage