News Of the Day 8/23/2010

Pay to blog? Venture capitals ups and downs? Seth Godin's Last Book? Looks like a lot to talk about today!


8 realities of startups and their economics – A pretty good look at what startups face.
corporate earnings will come under pressure. He also brings back his speculation that a lot of executives are doing "buy, strip, and flip" on companies which isn't encouraging.

Richard Florida looks at where blue collar jobs will be in the future.

After a surge in venture capital spending, Massachusetts saw a decline last month.

Geek Law:
Net neutrality in handy poster form.

Phiadelpiha charging bloggers for a business licence if they have revenue-generating ads. Sounds like more like a desperate revenue-generating attempt on the part of the city.

Anime and Manga:

Members of the manga industry speak on the market – It's on various subjects, of course, but piracy does keep coming up. A few unique insights here – including how little printing may cost in a liscened project, and some thoughts on scanilations and obscure titles.

Black Butler's creator speaks out on scans and fansubs, touching on a few issues rarely covered. She apparently cut to the chase on the fact that people making anime and manga do need a way to make money in order to live and create. The discussion of her statements sounds interesting as well – more links here for you to peruse.


. It also has acquired some funding, but the amount hasn't been made public. I don't know much about them, but it has me intrigued. I'd like to know how much money they've raised as well.


Pocketgear raises $15 million in funding – they also claim they're the largest app and content marketplace. They have a lot of partners and content on a lot of platforms. Might be career-worthy.

Sony persists in it's online video offering Crackle, and upping it's promnence on PSN. I hadn't even heard of Crackle, which says something,

Cloud Computing provider Nimbula raises $15 million in funding. They were founded by people who helped set up Amazon's service, so they have the experience needed. They have money, feel like tossing them a resume?

For your amusement: Trends in Fantasy Cover Art. Sounds like if you want to be unique, put a unicorn on a map on your cover.

Marketing/Internet Guru Seth Godin says his next book will be his last as he looks at alternate ideas for engaging people and spreading ideas. I'm not really sure what's beyond this. Sounds like he isn't either. Really not sure how to react to this.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you think is a good way to make a unique cover for a fantasy novel – that'd sell?

– Steven Savage