Signs You’re a Progeek

Ways you know you're a progeek:

  • When you hear about economic "megaregions" you think of MegaCity One from Judge Dredd or Hive Worlds from Warhammer 40,000.
  • You scan Monday Through Friday for ideas you can actually use on the job.
  • When you get news about things like the Thundercat revival, your first reaction is excitement, but your second reaction is always to ask what it means for you and your career.
  • When you see the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, you think how useful it'd be for setting up a computer.  Bonus geek points if you make the Sonic Screwdriver noise when no one can hear you.
  • You are excellent at Spreadsheets partially due to your commitment to professionalism, partially for using them to crunch gaming stats.
  • Whenever you hear about economic news in a major city, you can name the major conventions of that city, major game companies, and/or major authors/artists that live in that area.
  • Whenever your favorite comic is made into a film you can discuss its demographic appeal after you finish your victory fist pump.
  • You are able to discuss the evolution of the MMO, and who ripped who off, without using obscenities unless you want to.
  • You're able to estimate the costs of your cosplay group's next outfit in your head because it's just like your department's budget.
  • No matter the crew, no matter the starship, you see their relationships as an org chart.
  • You make lists like this and send them to your co-workers.

Steven Savage