News Of The Day 8/24/2010

A new GameStop launches, a look at cellphone and text usage, Google Book Search helps publishers and . . . THE NEW GAME STOP! More geek career news for you!

Via Richard Florida, Arnold Kling says it's time to get government out of the housing market. Simple and concise, I think he has some good points.

Social Media may be a boon to PR firms. Hmmm, potential career thoughts there?

Who talks and texts most on their cellphones? Check out the demographics. Something to think about if you work in the mobile market (and the chance for me to introduce a new demographics section!)

Hello Kitty Online releases in the states. You can't escape, she's got her own wine, her own MMO, and more! OK, seriously I'm curious about this one due to the social network integration.

Old Spice Guy Commercial wins an emmy. This is great news for Wieden + Kennedy who should have your resume right now. Also Isaiah Mustafa, Old SPice Guy, is not just funny and good looking, he's apparently a total geek too. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

A gorgeous infograhpic on the history of Google acquisitions – Great for all you Google-followers and geekonomists. Is it just me or am I posting a lot of infographics as of late?

The Northwest Open Access Network in Washington State Netted $54.5 in stimulus funds. People, send your resumes and put our tax dollars to work . . .


Google Book Search seems to help publishers.

Video Games:
GameStop moves onward, and is setting up it 'store of the future'. This thing is near me, so I better go see it and review it soon! Looks like they want to provide a lot of in-store services and focus on customer loyalty. I also guess, based on the article, that in the future they may have less stores – once they find the ideal locations. I like what I see so far. If you work at GameStop, maybe you ought to prepare for these stores of the future . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does GameStop's new store have a chance to keep their company going – or even expanding?

Steven Savage