Are You Measuring Your Fan To Pro Progress?

So you've got your grand profan vision burning in your head like a guiding star.  You know what you want to do and what the future will be like.  You can even point at your timelines and plans.

You're the kind of person I not only write this blog for – you're the kind of person I want contributing to it.

But, are you measuring your path to progeekery?

Do you know that your efforts are paying off?

Do you know that you got the right education?

Do you know your skills are growing to become what you need?

How many new networking connections are you making in your chosen industry?

I could go on, but I'd probably annoy you or depress you.  You get the point – if you're setting out on the path of the progeek, you have to measure your progress.  If you think me badgering you is annoying and depressing, imagine how annoying and depressing it is to not know if you're making progress (or even getting behind).

If you truly set out to turn what you love into a career, then you need to find a way to measure your progress along that path.  This is not just the usual measuring of a number – it's easy to want to complete a degree by a certain time or make a certain amount of money.  This is about finding what you have to measure in order to evaluate your success – and make sure you get to where you want to go as a progeek, profan, or protaku.

So take time to figure out how you can measure your progress towards progeekery.  It'll be worth it because you'll know how you're doing in your life and career – and know when you've arrived to where you want to be.

Steven Savage