How To Communicate – With Measurement

I'm big on measuring success – you've had to tolerate me going on about that before.  I'll repeat for those that have't gotten tired of me saying it; you need to measure, in numbers and dates and other data, your progress and results in your career, from job search to education credits, to dates of certification.  Measurement lets you see your success – or correct errors you find.

We're geeks.  We're usually good with numbers

I'm also finding out, more and more, that its a real necessity for everyone, to communicate their career progress with others.  Our friends and family want to know how we're doing so they know we're OK – or that they need to help us out.  We want to communicate the state of our career to others so they can help us out – or leave us alone.

If you want to show people how you're doing in your career, from a job search to getting an advanced degree, or what have you, you should be making sure the numbers you measure can also be communicated to the people who care about you.  Or the people who you want to annoy you less.

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Are You Measuring Your Fan To Pro Progress?

So you've got your grand profan vision burning in your head like a guiding star.  You know what you want to do and what the future will be like.  You can even point at your timelines and plans.

You're the kind of person I not only write this blog for – you're the kind of person I want contributing to it.

But, are you measuring your path to progeekery?

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