Frustration Friday: Get Organized

Many is the time I hear people decry their failure in their careers.  They will say they have skills (which they do).  They will note they have passion (which they do).  They will state they understand an industry (which they indeed do).  Yet their careers aren't going anywhere.

When I encounter these situations, there's one question to ask:

"Well, how organized are you?"

Your skills, passions, and knowledge don't mean anything if you don't actually have a plan to use them in a career.  If you can make a plan but aren't organized enough to carry it out, then all your special gifts and unique talents aren't going to do you any good career wise.  If you don't have these two fundamentals of organizing – planning and execution – then you won't have that career you want.

It's often that simple.

Even worse are people who can plan and can execute but don't do it.  They may  be distracted – or allow themselves to be distracted.  They may not apply themselves – they may not even think of it.  In the end they may not even realize their failure because they know what they are capable of – they just don't execute it.

If you have a career in mind, plan and execute that plan.  Don't get distracted by shiny objects or personal angst or whatever.  Success is planning and executing – and occasionally screwing up and changing the plan, but that's still planning and executing.

Let me put it simply – if you can't get organized and carry out a career plan, then you're probably going to fail in having that geek dream career.  You won't have anyone to blame but yourself.

Yes, it may be hard to admit that you need to be more organized, but seriously – it happens.  Besides, have you seen all those books on getting organized?  You certainly aren't alone.

So get organized and get active.  That'll solve more of your career problems than you may realize.

Steven Savage