News Of The Day 9/15/2010

Crunchyroll continues to conquer the world, interesting movements in China's search market, and AuroraFeint is on a roll!

3 tips on formatting your cover letter.

Housing boils down to two strikes against it. Some nice exploration and graphs to keep you on top of things.

Creative class density from Richard Florida. A few surprises as well.

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll continues to add title again and again.

The Scanliation Wars continue as Libre serves several sites with notices. Libre apparently is putting titles on the Kindle, suggesting that their electronic presence is the reason for their sudden notices.

One in four adults uses mobile apps. Anything else need to be said? There's a big market there, programmers.

What Nokia's CEO should do. Some thoughts.

Social Media:
Social Media means new trends in Social Good. A bit of psychology and ethics to make you think about what social media is doing to change social good.

China's largest phone company is making it's own search engine. This challenges one of it's competitors, Baidu, but also suggests, as we've seen, Chinese companies are working on building strong foundations for their markets. That means other companies may have trouble getting into the market . . .

Yahoo is putting it's TV widgets on some Toshiba products – We often forget but yes, Yahoo is in the video-internet-gadget market too. A subtle issue people may miss among all the other news.

Video Games:
Aurora Feint launches it's socialized game platform. It appears they're really on a roll – perhaps resume-worthy? Building a strong game presence now in the Android world sounds like a good strategy.

Bigpoint Games is hiring. You know what to do.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is China's Internet market getting locked down?

Steven Savage