Fannish Skills On The Job Search – Webmastery

(Last week it was art.  This week I turn my attention to another fan skill people can use on their job search).

Are you a webmaster for a fan group, cosplay team, convention, or other
geeky endeavor?  Do you assist webmasters?  Do you help your art friends
withy our online porfolios?  In short, are you one of the people that
may actually know how to work HTML and CSS, or at least some design
tools, and use it in your hobbies?

Then you have one hell of an advantage on your job search and career planning that you ought to be using.

I'm not saying you have to be an HTML guru – I'm saying if you're the
kind of person that can get out a webpage with Dreamweaver, or
RapidWeaver, or whatever, then you have a big advantage on the job

Think all that wrangling of images and style tags was only useful for putting up your fansite?  Think again:

  • You can build a personal web page  As I keep emphasizing in these
    pages, a personal website is needed for a modern day geek-centric
    career.  It acts as a centerpoint of establishing your personal brand,
    acts as a point of contact, provides a place to show off work (more
    later), and shows commitment.
  • You can build an online portfolio.  This plays into the personal
    website thing, but a portfolio if you're an artist of some kind is
  • You can tweak your social media pages more efficiently.  Some
    social media allow for customization of one kind or another, and your
    web knowledge may help them look more professional.  This makes you look
    good for your job search.
  • You can make better signature files.  Many Message Boards, Email
    programs, etc. allow for HTML-customized signature files.  Go use your
    skills to make them professional – and perhaps link to the other
    elements of your online presence.
  • The geeky/fannish web presences you do maintain may be a good place to mention your job search.

There's a lot you can do with those web skills.  You don't have to be a
web professional or make that your goal – just use them in your job

Steven Savage