Geek Job Guru: How To Be Terrible At The Skills You’re Good At

Recently, someone commented on an email I had sent that was a poor bit of communication. Not wrong, not inaccurate, but simply inappropriate – overly wordy, not addressing the point, too much detail, etc. They were frustrated. As this person … Continue reading

Geek Job Guru: Marketing Is Inevitable

Ever get tired of how we pros “have to market”? You see ads all over the internet hawking things from megacorporation products to people’s webcomics. “Personal Branding,” a term I’m fond of, seems to be on it’s way to becoming … Continue reading

The Three Sides Of “Making Something” and “Making It”

Earlier this week, Serdar explored the difference between Making Something and Making It. The two aren’t necessarily connected, and an attempt to Make It can mean doing things that go against your talent, skills, ethics, and good taste. Doing something … Continue reading

Skill Portability: Representative Skills and Portability

(9/17/2016 – These posts have been expanded in a book, Skill Portability: A Guide To Moving Skills Between Jobs) So we’re discussing how you can port skills from job to job and career to career.  I use the acronym DARE to … Continue reading

Book Review: Language Intelligence By Joseph Romm

Language Intelligence: Lessons on persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln, and Lady Gaga  by Joseph J. Romm ISBN-10: 1477452222 ISBN-13: 978-1477452226 PROS: Explains good communications skills. Lots of interesting current and historical examples. Spells things out in plain but effective language. … Continue reading