Check out “The Elevator”

Victoria Shockley, who we interviewed previously, has her new children’s novella, “The Elevator” coming out soon.  You can find out more here:  Here’s her blurb: “Gorb the gnome operates an elevator in an upscale hotel. When three businessmen get stuck … Continue reading

Self-Published Author Turns Down Amazon Deal

Yep, she didn’t want it and didn’t like the guarantees. This actually leads to some odd thoughts here.  Amazon has self publishing tools.  So are they competing with themselves?  Could their self-publishing be a way to recruit talent?  Will that self-publishing … Continue reading

Angels, Angles, And Self-Publishing with Harrison Paul

Teenage girl versus Angels. Sounds like a throaway anime or YA novel.  What if I told you the novel was set in Medieval Scandinavia?  And the problem was the Angels were suddenly turning on mankind?  It’s biblical smackdown where a … Continue reading

Salon Talks Self-Publishing: From A Positive View

It’s no secret a lot of recent Salon articles have been negative towards self publishing.  Hugh Howey takes a broader view on why it’s great.  He notes it may not be perfect, but it’s one where you hone your craft … Continue reading