News Of The Day 9/14/2010

Social Media mania and more, as Twitter changes, DeNA continues to square off with Zynga, and PopCap heads for Korea. It's like a game of Risk, only far geekier!

Personal Branding? This post suggests there's two best outcomes.

Does web video accelerate innovation? The answer here is 'yes.' Something I never thought of actually, so I present it for your thoughts.

We can't escape a second recession? Not quite sure I agree – but I do agree people seem awful shy about acknowledging the possibility. Yves puts in some thoughts here.

Tired of blaming Greece for current problems in the EU? Now you can blame France for the Great Depression. Not sure if Kedrosky is being humorous here or not . . . I present this as a change from our usual Greek Fire reports.

OK, so get this. will now have Marvel comics available on their desktop app at $1.49 apiece. They're still $1.99 for iPad and iPod, but since you can read on many devices, you can buy them for the desktop and save 50 cents. So we have a price point, or at least an experimental one.

Vantage Point now has a $100 million fun for investing in China Cleantech. You know all those panicky discussions that China is sucking up the Cleantech dollars? Yeah, they seem less and less irrational. I think the U.S. is seriously missing out here.

Social Media:
Facebook versus China? The Chairman thinks Facebook will loose out to local companies – which I can kind of see.

Catch up on all the Twitter announcements, which is kind of . . . lifestream/facebooky. Well, a good addition of features it seems. Wonder why John Mayer left?

Intel invests in four more companies. It's from their Investment Arm, but I'm still curious as Intel seems on the move.

AOL is still hiring. Yes, I' confused too.

DeNA (which is apparently Japanese for 'Zynga') acquires Social Game company Gameview. That's a US company in geektastic Mountain View -and DeNA's third acquisition. DeNA seems to be profitable and heading into the US market. Is this going to be Social Gaming's Godzilla Versus King Kong – Zynga versus DeNA? Stay tuned – this could affect your employment options.

Pop Cap games launches a social game service in Korea. Seems to continue the Asian/US cross-pollination/conflict. PopCap's past actions suggest to me they want to diversify, so this is no surprise.

EA seems bullish on Android. Smart move as they continue to evolve with the market.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: DeNA versus Zynga – who has a stronger hand long-term?

Steven Savage