It’s All Media

I was looking over the news of the day, thinking over our podcasts as of late, and noticed that Bonnie and I talk and write a lot about technology companies.  What's Apple up to?  What about streaming video?  What about this or that . . . it's always streams and circuits, chips, and screens, and technology.

We talk about tech a lot.

Here on the blog we're all about geeky things – Tech of course.  Video games.  Also books, comics, television and more.  We're not exactly a tech career blog, and that's intentional – we want to cover a lot of progeekery.

The thing is, the more I think about it, we're in an age where it's not all about books, or comics, or games, or any one geeky thing.  We're in an age of MEDIA, where any one "property" has several manifestations – enabled by various technologies.

Which is why we talk about tech so much.  Which is why, for you the progeek audience, we have to and should.

We're in a time where books come in printed form, electronic form, and may have video trailers.  We're in an age where media synergy is increasing, where computer games get pen-and-paper games, where TV stars appear in MMOs.  We're in a time where media is changing, where your comics come on your iPad, where you watch old chop-sockey action films on streaming video.

The Geekonomy is about media – content – and at this rate few forms of content stay in just one form.  Those that are in one form will doubtlessly have peripheral material in other forms – books become games, games become films, books get trailers, etc.

Technology drives most of this.  The ability to get eBooks and eComics, the fact we can watch videos on our phones, the ability to print things fast, the ability to reach broad audiences instantly.

So when I have those moments of wondering why we talk so much about Apple, or eBooks, and whatever its simply because the Geekonomy is about media as well as technology.  Because technology is allowing all these amazing synergies and multifaceted manifestations of content, we're gonna be talking about it.

It's about media first, individual manifestation second.  That's what technology has allowed us to do, and how it's changed us, and our careers.

Any career blog dealing with writing or movies or games – or like this blog, these and more – is going to have to face they are a tech blog, like it or not.

(Fortunately being an unrepentant technophile, I'm pretty good with this)

Steven Savage