List of Geek Resources

Need to keep up on news for geeky culture, trends, and happenings? We've gone through assorted sites on the internet to find resources you can use to keep up on geeky, fannish, and otaku information!

Last Update 10/20/2010


  • 2 Old 4 Anime – Actually he's not, and he blogs and discusses anime.
  • 2d Telescope – A teacher explores, muses, discussed, and analyzes Japanese visual culture.
  • Anime 3000 – Anime, manga, season, and industry news and reviews.
  • Anime MB – Anime news, information, and community. Also takes contributions.
  • Anime Nation – News from the world of anime and related subjects, covering a large range.
  • Anime News Network – Anime News Network sums it up and then some – news, community, resources, and more.
  • Just as planned – Anime thoughts, analysis, and more ranging over seasons, trends, and shows.
  • Mangablog – A great roundup of all things manga, from reviews to speculation, with lots of depth.
  • Oshii Anime – A personal site with broad analysis, news, and thoughts on anime and related subjects.
  • The Manga Curmudgeon – Manga thoughts, analysis, news, speculation, and rants.


  • Ani-Gamers – Anime, manga, and more – includes news, reviews, analysis. Very organized.
  • Green Tea Grafitti – A broad site covering a variety of Asian culture.
  • Japanator – Japanese pop culture with a heavy anime/manga focus. (Contains some mature content)


  • Tech Dirt – A website focusing on the business side of technology and related issues, with plenty of analysis.


  • A Comic Book Blog – Comics, reviews, blogs, news, and more
  • Comic Book Resources – Pretty much anything comics related is here. Extensive and broad.
  • Comics 212 – Comics speculation analysis, reviews, trends, and more.
  • Comics Alliance – A range of comics review, insight, analysis, commentary, and trends.
  • Comics beat – A solid source of information on comics.
  • Comics Bulletin – Comics information, news, reviews, and analysis, with a lot of diversity.
  • Comics List – Shipping info on comics.
  • Comics Reporter – A good site, but also has an amazing list of resources.
  • Comixpedia – News, opinion, and community, with a focus on the digital age in comics.
  • Graphic Novel Reporter – Covers a variety of comic and graphic novel subjects, including audience-specific issues.
  • Sequential – Canadian-focused comics news and industry blog


  • Board Game Geek – Board game news and feeds.
  • Pojo – Gaming news, reviews, and analysis of the electronc and non-electronic kind.
  • RPG Geek – RPG game news, feeds, and community.


  • Know Your Meme – A collection of information on memes, trends, and related issues.
  • Urlesque – Stuff that comes across the internet, accumulated and put out.


  • A Feminist Otaku – One woman blogs, reviews, and analyzes anime and manga regarding women and more.
  • Fantastic Fangirls – Several fangirls team up for in-depth and unique comic analysis.
  • Gaming Angels – A site for female gamers.
  • Geek Feminism – A blog focusing on women and geek culture.
  • Geek Girls Blogs – Focuses on blogs from women in the IT industry.
  • Geekachicas – A lot of female geeks blog and talk about most anything.
  • Geekygyrls – A mix of female geekery, ranging from tech to green to marketing and professionalism.
  • Girl Geek Chic – Nikki Moore's site for female geeks and technology


  • Boing Boing – The eternal source of geekery, having evolved from 'zine to website. You never know what they'll cover – but you'll want to keep up on it.
  • Elder-Geek – Geek news, financial news, reviews, opinion, and more from a team of informed serious geeks.
  • Forever Geek – A bunch of geeks blog on geeky things, covering a surprisingly wide and interesting ground.
  • Geek Six – Six geeks blog about everything.
  • Geekosystem – Exactly what it says, a grab-bag of geeky, pop culture, and other news.
  • Great Geek Manual – Generally geeky news, with a focus on media.
  • io9 – Science fiction, science, comics, and more. A pinaccle of geekery.
  • Neatorama – More a random collection of neat stuff, but also covers news and trends
  • Newsarama – Comics, SF, fan news and more in one spot.


  • Bloody Disgusting – The name says it all – these people are into horror, and news surrounding it
  • Hellnotes – Horor news, information, analysis, and more.
  • Horror-Web – Horror news, analysis, history, covering a wide variety of subjects.
  • Upcoming Horror Movies – News, releases, links, data, and a lot more on what's coming up in horror.


  • Lifehacker – A guide to improving and helping your life with all sorts of tips and ideas.


  • Aint-It-Cool – The (in)famous pop culture blog that focuses on movies and television – mixing news, reviews, previews, and more from people who love media.
  • ENI – Total media overload in one site – news and more covering all media.
  • Galleycat – A pop culture/media blog at mediabistro that covers a variety of interesting subjects, and digs up some unusual information
  • Geeks of Doom – Geek-oriented news on comics, media, and more. A fan-to-pro favorite.
  • Mania – News on science fiction, movies, comics, and more.
  • Media Futurist – Focus on current and future media trends by Gerd Leonhard.
  • Reverse Theives – Analysis of various things in media, often with multiple perspectives.




  • Chris Pirillo – Geek god Chris Pirillo holds forth on all things geek.
  • Craphound – SF/economics/politics/culture from Cory Doctorow
  • Danny Choo – Asian pop culture enthusiast, entrepreneur, and more.
  • Laughing Squid – Scott Beale on technology, art, and whatever comes to mind.
  • Nerdist – Chris Hardwick's blog on all things nerdy.
  • Radio Maru – Brandon Lee O'Malley's blog.



  • All About Romance – It is all about romance, from analysis to reviews to news and community for readers and writers.
  • Romance Divas – Full scale romance site with news, community, interviews.
  • Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – Sarcastic, insightful, and witty reviews and insights about romance and all related.


  • The Galaxy Express – SF Romance in depth – reviews, news, analysis, theories, and trends.


  • EcoGeek – Geek science, technology, and sustainability
  • Future Pundit – Focuses on all sorts of interesting – and often applicable – science news and sober futurism
  • Futurismic – Science fiction and future.
  • Futurist Speaker – Tom Frey speaks on trends and futurism of all kinds – science to economics to culture.
  • Inhabit – Sustainable technology and culture.
  • LabLit – Lab and lab culture in science fiction and real life.
  • Mindhacks – Psychology news and more, with a love of the interesting, applicable, and all-too-true.
  • Science Daily – Science, science, and more science of all kinds, for a broad audience.
  • Science Fiction Biology – Get the bilogy of science fiction and more, with analysis, news, speculation, and humor.
  • Sciencepunk – Science with humor and attitude, and a variety of subjects.


  • Grasping For The Wind – A grab-bag of news, reviews, and analysis of science fiction.
  • Revolution SF – A bit of everything, including looks forward – and back.
  • SF Crow's Nest – Stephen Hunt's sci-fi online magazine
  • SF Novelists – Several novelists blog about what they love – science fiction
  • SF Signal – Discussions, news, links, and more all around science fiction. Great news round-ups.
  • SF Site – News, reviews, and more in a semi-magazine format, highly indexed.
  • Suvudu – Science fiction with a healthy helping of a lot of other subjects from Random House


  • Ars Technical – Technology news with attittude.
  • Gadgetell – Cool technology and reviews, with a variety of subjects and topics.
  • Geek News Central – Technically-focused news and geekery.
  • Geek Sugar – General tech geekery with a fashionable flair.
  • Geekologie – Technology that's interesting, hip, and cool – and other geek bites.
  • Gizmodo – The classic gizmo site – a fan to pro favorite.
  • IT WorkdNews – A useful tech news aggregator
  • O'Reilly Radar – The folks at O'Reilly take a look at tech trends.
  • The Next Web – Tech news with a hip and geeky attitutde and focus
  • Toxel – All sorts of odd and unusual creations.
  • Valleywag – Gawker's Silicon Valley news source


  • Television Without Pity – Sarcasm, reviews, news, opinion, and more sarcasm – with plenty of analysis andopinion.
  • TV Squad – AOL's roundup of news on television.


  • Game Politics – The latest news in video games and politics.
  • Games Industry Biz – Games industry news and information, with a career focus
  • Inside Social Games – News and information on social games.
  • Kotaku – Gaming news and related. Does seem to have a good ability to get news.
  • Massively – MMO news, forums, podcasts, and pretty much anything you need to keep up with the worl of Mmos.
  • – Video game theory and discussion, including a focus on more obscure games.
  • MMO Crunch – News about MMOs
  • Video Game Geek – Video game news, feeds, and community.

If you have any other resources to suggest, comment here to let us know!