News Of The Day 10/11/2010

AOL's reach continues, Cleantech is having problems, and Zynga and McDonald's team up! Geeky news, served hot and fast, but without pesky environmental concerns!

Six Steps to Advance Your Career In Any Job Market – This is actually some good advice.

Cleantech Startups trapped in the 'Valley of Death' – Sort of that horrible netherworld between starting out and getting out mass product. Cleantech seems to be having a lot of issues in the US, and this gives you a bit more of the depressing perspective. I'm still concerned the US is going to loose out big time on Cleantech and Greentech.

The launch of the Windows 7 phone produces this interesting article on what these superpowerful phones mean and I think this guy is on the money. Phones are very powerful, which means more powerful apps and services. They ARE small computers, and this is a big change. Something to think of.

Social Media:
Foursquare to be available on Symbian – I've sort of written Foursquare off, but have to say this is a smart move (and a not-always-thought-of-audience). Maybe there's more to their strategy than I thought.

More AOL – Now sites that use syndicator 5MIN may be publishing AOL content. Hmmm, AOL slowly extending its reach again? This tells me we need to evaluate AOL's plans carefully as they seem widespread – and subtle.

Video Games:
Analysts say Sony should team with Google for PSP Phone – Similar to ideas we've kicked around here. I admit that'd probably be good for everyone – but also I see this as a RADICAL change in the portable and phone market, one that could create one hell of a showdown (and I'm sure would spawn preventative lawsuits). It would also require Sony to embrace Android quite likely. Feasible? I'm not so sure . . . presented for your interest.

Assorted bits of trouble and hope: EA cancels a joint project with Speilberg – which I thought was dead ages ago. n-Space has had problems and layoffs, but its CEO says they'll bounce back. Raven software has layoffs. Ouch, lots of pain today.

McDonalds teams with Zynga for Farmville promotional. Simple promotion, it doesn't exactly sound innovative, but this could just be the start of an alliance. McDonalds does love promotionals and has a lot of reach, so this is good for Zynga – especially as it faces off with DeNA. Also look for others to look for similar promotionals.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Sony/Google – good alliance or asking for trouble?

– Steven Savage