Frustration Friday: Black Friday

So it's Black Friday.  The day of massive buying.  The day that launches the Christmas Shopping season.  The day I really try NOT to go out.

So, let me ask a simple question, but one that does focus on a frustrating issue.

Have some businesses – and indeed perhaps the American Economy – become too dependent on Christmas?

I mean I really don't know – it's been a bit tough digging up information – but judging by the sheer insanity every post-Thanksgiving, by the increasing desperation to sell, I'm figuring Christmas has become way too important to many a business.

Really, is that such a good idea?

First, it makes your sales projections awful hard to manage since there's a giant, honking, candy-cane scented anomoly.

Secondly, it's a case of everyone competing with everyone at one specific time, in a limited  timeframe.  It's got to make things too unpredictable.

Third, how many good ideas get held up for the Christmas Season (making point number two more relevant).

Fourth, really, isn't this all just a case of everyone following everyone else?  This could mean everyone heads over an economic cliff one year.

So, I'm starting to get fed up with the Christmas Selling Season for several reasons.  I miss when people actually talked about Thanksgiving.  I miss less commercialization.  But I'm also wondering if our whole approach to the Christmas season is an economically bad idea as well.

Steven Savage