Frustration Friday: Go Make Something, Numbskulls

What you say, another raucous rant on the economipocalypse?  Well of course!  Besides, Frustration Friday is focused on foul-ups, frustrating folks, and other things driving us crazy.

And in this case, I've realized what I'd like to say to the various banisters, fraudclosure fiends, mortgage mayhem masters, and the pilots of the rocket dockets.

"Would it have hurt you folks to do something that actually made something?"

I mean really.  New financial tools that were obviously just meant to funnel money away while giving nothing?  Robo-signing that was going to obviously be found?  Sinking the world economy with a shell game?

Would it have hurt all these geniuses to find a way to make money at something that did something, made something, made a difference?

I'd like to know really did they somehow delude themselves into think they were making the world a better place, that what they did mattered?  Did they at least have the honesty to admit they were con-people, deceivers, and exploiters looking for loopholes in and around the rules?

Sadly I'm feeling that some of these econonincompoops really did think they were some great captains of capitalism, some innovators of investments.  That they honestly thought a bunch of resorted loans and quick slice-and-dice of economic items to turn them into investments were going to work.  I'm worried they really, truly, believed they were doing good and making something.

Newsflash.  They weren't.

So when I look at the people that gave us the economic apocalypse, it's another reminder to me to make sure I do something, that I make something, that I build something.

Because damned if I don't want to be like the people that got us into this mess.

Steven Savage