Look At The Many Opportunities Of Relocation

OK, you've done it.  You're relocating.  You found that right place, that right job (or right opportunity).  You're going to get that career of yours going!

Don't forget, once you relocate, that there's plenty of other things you'll want to do to catch up on your life.  Relocation is an opportunity not just for that new job, but often we're moving to areas that cover a lot of our others needs much better than where we were. 


  • A chance to improve your connections.  There are new meetups, new conventions,  new events, new networking opportunities, new holiday celebrations.  Take the time to find out what to do and how to get involved.
  • A chance to improve your health.  If you're going from an area with less than stellar health care to a place with better, or to one of the high-tech megaregions, take advantage of it.  Better doctors, better medications, newer technologies, and more options can all contribute to your health.
  • A chance to improve your education.  More training?  Better schools and colleges?  Check out the opportunities to get better educated in your new location.
  • A chance to go a bit greener.  Is there better public transportation where you're moving?  Can you make a bit less impact on the environment?  Maybe you can even get involved locally to improve things.
  • A chance to save money.  Now you may be moving to a place where things are more costly, despite higher pay, but I've found that its too easy to ignore the chances to save money from a move.  Better public transport can help you ditch one of your cars, locally grown food may be cheaper, more opportunities for exercise can cut your doctor's bills, and more.

So when you relocate for that dream job, don't just look at that.  Look at all the other ways the relocation can improve your life.

Steven Savage