News Of The Day 11/12/2010

Email for Facebook? eManga for a bunch of Japanese publishers – targeted at North America? Disney’s new game strategy? Wow, we’ve got a lot of market-focusing news today!


Andy Robinson hits it out of the park with how to work LinkedIn so it works for you.

Ways volunteering can work for your career. A lot of this applies to geeky and fannish activities . . .

Interstate migration? Down less than you’d think, and apparently the census models aren’t that good.

Anime and Manga:
Must Read: 37 Japanese publishers set up a joint online manga portal for North America (and I assume by default, Australia and Britain). This has potential to be huge considering the names involved, the power of a joint effort (and cross-marketing), and of course the ability to not need the middlemen anymore. Power shift back to Japan, cultural shift to more online, and more reasons for a cultural shift to online delivery.

Social Media:
Paul Buchheit, who created Gmail leaves Facebook for startup incubator Y Combinator. That makes the incubator even more attention-worthy, but also makes me think that his work at Facebook is done as . . .

Facebook is supposedly going to launch a Gmail killer, Project Titan. The Techmeme roundup is here aind includes rumors of Microsoft Office integration, speculations on what this means for Google, and more. Me, I want to wait to see what happens, since Facebook is so in the spotlight these days, and has made some stumbles, I’m not sure how this’ll work out.

Tumbler gets a bunch of investment, we get no details.

Cisco profits below expectations, as are others, due to cuts in government spending. Something to be aware of if any company you work for or business you have depends on government contracts. I’m still bullish on Cisco as an employer, however – they’re smart and solid. Also some think government spending is poised for growth – which I actually believe, but not necessarily for good reasons.

You’re probably familiar with the Vocaloid phenomena. I did NOT know that one of them had a concert. We’re in science-fiction-film territory here.

An analysis of the Boxee strategy. Rough summary, get its software used by as many as possible and use that for revenue – not the Box itself. Some things to think about as we try and get a handle on what’s up between Boxee, Roku, Apple, Google, and a host of others . . .

More delicious Netflix statistics to give you a better handle on this Crush Object. Shows how some statistics aren’t always clear, but Netflix’s dominance is obvious (and if I dare say, well-deserved).

YouTube mobile usage seems to be up. That’s not surprising, but it’s just something to pay attention to.

Video Games:
Among all this other Transformer news, the Transformers MMO will get ported to other countries. Congrats Hasbro, you have a new money printing machine.

Sigh. Former crush object Emergent is putting the Gamebryo engine up for sale and looks to go bankrupt.

More depressing news: InstantAction goes under. They even had the rights to Tribes . . .

A bit more insight into Disney’s game strategy which is pretty telling and helps point out some trends: consoles are risky, multiplatform seems very effective, and consumer choice is broad.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is Disney on to something with their game strategy?

Steven Savage