Frustration Friday: Cool Overload

I've spent a lot of Frustration Fridays being rather non ranty and morose.  Indeed, I'm sorry to disappoint my readers used to some fire and brimstone, or at least sparks and interesting rocks that smell funny.

But I do want to add a rather positive rant, and that is the fact that, in the technical and media wonderland I'm getting tired of having too many cool things to enjoy.

Oh I don't want it to end, seriously.  I love having games from decades ago, new comics, old books, and fascinating gizmos to play with.  It's just by now I'm overwhelmed with cool things.

I have Pocket Legends on my Android Phone, a lovely and fun and easy MMO that cries for attention.  I've got DLC on my XBox to play.  I've got eBooks to look at, books to read, new websites to check out . . .  and that's while I'm still diving headfirst into the marvels of mobile.

Then there's the services.  Netflix ensures that I can do an Invader Zim marathon.  I've got newsfeeds keeping me informed of everything.  I'm in touch all over the world with Social Media.

Congratulations world, you've created an ever-expanding geek dream and it's overwhelming me.

Oh, and don't stop,  Keep it coming.

– Steven Savage