News of the Day 12/6/2010

Google breaks into eBooks, Sprint Upgrades, and OnLive takes on . . . Netflix? Lots happening today, so let's get to the news!

Seth Godin hits it out of the park and into hyperspace with this post on the world's worst boss. Must read.

Sprint to spend $5 billion to upgrade it's network. An intelligent choice – and it may mean they're hiring . . . and maybe AT&T should take a hint.

The Live Action Yamato does well. I like what I see and hope it gets further distribution. Curious how this affects "Cool Japan" issues.

And here we go again (in a good way): Google's eBookstore is live, with a heavy emphasis on courting indie bookstores. Give Techmeme a check and see what people are saying here. This tells me that Google wants to make sure it keeps the book market/e-publishing market frothy, and this is a definite shot at Amazon. So will they do comics next?

(And now I have to upload my book again . . .)

Social Media:
GroupOn walked away from the Google offer and is looking to emulate Facebook.

OK try and follow this rumor: AOL is considering a breakup/merger/restructuring combo that will combine it with Yahoo. A bit more of a view into the complexities of the oft-discussed (especially here) possibility of a Yahoo-AOL merger.

A nice, sane response to the idea that we’re in another tech bubble.

Ouch – Major Outage At Tumbler.

OnLive to get into streaming movies. OK, NOW they have my attention. If they try to be an entertainment device without a device (or with a small one) they may have a model here. This could also be a sign of concern or desperation, but as for now my opinion of OnLive has gone up a bit. Certainly Netflix is in their sights – which makes me think they might want to try being a Google-esque spoiler for other streamers and services . . .

Video Games:
How one man made a hit game for mobile.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Would Movies change the game so to speak for OnLive?

– Steven Savage