Resume Worthy Roundup For November 2010

Let's see what companies did Resume-Worthy things in November . . .

  • ANY publisher involved in the Japanese Manga portal.
  • Game Ground – They got $5.3 million in investment, and though they're in the seemingly overloaded space of game social, they seem to have it together in the form of investors and management team.
  • Gazillion – Someone gave them $60 million.  One of their studios made Lego Universe.  What are you waiting for?
  • Glam Media – They're hiring.
  • Marketo – They got $25 million in investment and do marketing and email work.  Also they've got a nice location.
  • Meebo – Someone invested $25 million in them.  And they're Meebo.
  • Netflix – Look, just trust me at this point.  They're all over the news.
  • Next Issue Media – They want to be the 'Hulu for Magazines' and I appreciate the boldness.
  • Plastic Jungle – Their gift-card exchange site is either brilliant or stupid, but I'm leaning to brilliant, and investors seem to agree to the tune of $10 million.
  • Real Gravity – They got $3.2 million in investment and are working on video content distribution.
  • Rovio – They made Angry Birds.  They are everywhere.  They are going on console.
  • Samsung – Smart company, and though the Galaxy tablet didn't have the greatest review, sales look good. (And having handled one, I think some of the negatives were A) Due to earlier android issues, and B) That they targeted a specific form factor).
  • Sunmerlight – I reccomend them as they have a pretty contrarian strategy which could be bad – or brilliant.
  • TokBox – They've got some years under their belt, and $12 million in investment – and video conferencing is a cool area to work in.
  • Turbulenz – They have an online game platform in the works, and $5.3 million in investment.
  • Yammer – Someone gave them $25 million. (What, is $25 million some magic number?)
  • Zuora – They have a rational business idea (billing/subscription management) and $20 million in investment.

What are you waiting for?  Get cracking!

Steven Savage