Frustration Friday: Go Do It!

Dear people who are waiting for the right time to start their business, change their career, etc.

Do it.  Just do it.  Shut up and do it for the god's sake.

I meet these people all the time – people that may be like you.  I know these people.  Bright, creative, amazing, imaginative.  I can't even think of anyone I know that I'd consider boring and unimaginative right now.

These people, these wonderful people, you the reader out there, need to stop waiting to live your dreams.  You, your dreams, are too interesting, to good, too strong, to you to let go to waste.

You say the economy is bad?  Look we don't know what's going to happen, so live those dreams as they probably give you a better chance to survive this bad economy.

You say you're not ready?  If you wait for the perfect time it will never come.  Perfection doesn't work, perfection is an illusion, a foundation of sand in the middle of a hallucinated mirage (how's that for nutty metaphor?)

You say your skills aren't up to it?  Then go learn.  There are books courses and mentors to help you learn.

You say your idea won't sell or you can't get a job – if so why have so many others done the same thing?

Do it.  Shut up and do it.  Make that dream come true.

Then tell me about it and I'll interview you and you can share your amazing adventures with everyone else and inspire them to do more amazing things too.

Steven Savage