Frustration Friday: Horrible Holiday Hijinks and Lessened Loyalty

I've been talking Christmas a lot this week for obvious reasons – the Holidays are over and now it's time to sort through the tinsel and rubble and see what we've learned in progeekery.  But I'd like to focus on one issue for this Frustration Friday that is not exactly Christmas-based, but was inspired by Christmas.

A friend of mine who got suspended from their job on Christmas.  Seriously.  It sucks enough to work on Christmas, but to actually get suspended?

Yeah, you know what I mean.

Even in this currently lousy economy, 84% of people intend to seek a new position in 2011. I know not all of them are dissatisfied, but that's a gain in 24% over last year – some people are obviously not happy with their situation.

That's with an unemployment rate of roughly 10%.  Imagine what change we'll see in the amount of people looking to change jobs if there's even a marginal improvement in employment. Imagine how people who, way, were Suspended on Christmas, are going to react when the economy improves?

We're going to find out the hard way – perhaps the very hard way – just who's been happy at what job and what companies have been taking care of their employees.  There's a reason I study up on management ideas and am glad I have that psych degree – building teams and camaraderie is important to success.  Loyalty has to be earned.

I know at least one person whose loyalty isn't going to be very strong in 2011, and I'll have one more friend looking to change jobs.

Steven Savage