News of the Day 1/18/2011

A big media merger is done, Michigan tries to lure tech, and "How To Train Your Dragon" goes multimedia!

Need a mentor? Here's how you get one. Nice simple bits of advice.

Michigan launches a $120 million Venture Capital pool to help invest in their tech startups. Something to keep in mind to see how it works out, and if there's a job shift to Michigan.

Celebreties from Justin Beiber to Lady Gaga to get comic books. Bluewater, the company behind it seems to specialize in biography and often music titles. Wal-Mart will be carrying the Beiber title. I wonder if this is a "reality show" element coming into comics . . .

Reorgs at Image and Top Cow. Also sounds like Image has an issue finding the right PR focus. Any opportunity perhaps?

'How To Train Your Dragon' looks to launch films and a TV series. This also sounds like there will be an emphasis on worldbuilding. This was a well-recieved film, and further efforts to built it into a multimedia franchise have a promising foundation.

DC goes further multimedia with A 'Fables' novel as an eBook.

Lulu and Smashwords get a lot of attention, but Scribd just landed $13 million in venture capital. That just stirred the publishing pot a bit, let's see how they do – oh, and with that money and the location, consider a resume.

There will be new Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels. I want to see how these go over, especially Holmes – whose author is known for doing YA books.

Social Media:
Looks like Facebook is not sharing phone numbers and addresses.

Cheezburger haz $30 million in venture capital. Remember this is a company that leveraged LOLCats. What they're going to do with $30 million is intriguing, especially as word is they run pretty barebones. Sounds like the focus now is to "get bigger."

A look at HP's new tablets. OK they may be running the Palm OS, but they do have a slick iPad look to them.

Of course everyone is reporting on Steve Job's health.  I'm pretty sure Apple will go on.

Comcast/NBC merger approved. Not surprising, but this is going to change issues of net neutrality, carriers, and ownerships. Comcast and NBC are a powerful package and people might not like that.

Video Games:
Hmmm. A promotion at Marvel's game division with new VP TQ Jefferson. Sounds like the right guy to have in a high position. Also note Marvel is looking to go very Multiplatform.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What does the Comcast/NBC merger mean for Netflix?

Steven Savage