News of the Day 2/14/2011

No I don't know what was up with the Grammys either. I think I hallucinated a Peacock and muppets singing with Gwennyth Paltrow. But I do know we've got geek news!

Sounds like someone in Kentucky gets megaregions. Could Kentucky leverage its advantages by taking a super-regional/megaregional approach?

MUST READ: Ed Glaeser on how to unleash our cities. Some smart stuff, some controversial, all interesting. I'm coming around to the idea that a focus on cities is needed in government, business, and culture.

Are we in an age of a kind of Digital Feudalism and content farming? This article has me thinking, starting from the AOL-Huffington Post marriage, but going farther. It also suggests t me content providers (I don't know if I like that term) need to think way far ahead to have a profitable business . . .

DC is canceling some titles apparently to make room for the Flashhpoint mini-series. I suspect there's more than we think here, but that's me.

Social Media:
Twitter's CEO wants it to be like plumbing. Humorous metaphors aside, I get the idea – it's is on the way to being there. A few other fun details on Twitter are in this article.

UberMedia, the Twitter Tool company, just raised $17.5 million. They're building a nice suite of third-party Twitter tools. Smart people, good folks on the team, I'd say send them a resume . . . and keep in mind some of these social media services spawn pretty nice ventures on their own.

Zendesk releases their customer support platform on the iPad. This is serious CorpTechPocalypse stuff – because Zendesk is a SaaS customer support system that's pretty good (I use it), and it's on the iPad, which is basically more famous and beloved than Justin Bieber. That's a powerful combo, and another example of how various trends are coming together to change corporate IT.

HTML 5 is done in 2014. Mark your calendars. Maybe we'll get a guy dressed as a Peacock to sing about it.

Interesting: Credit Card fraud is up 62% since 2009.

Take some time to examine the common feuds in technology.

Netflix is on the Boxee. Note Boxee also supports Vudu (which I forgot). I think we have reached the point where Netflix support is NOT optional – it's expected.

Qualcomm's latest processors should make running video on Android devices easy. Netflix is of course mentioned. Slick stuff – and tells me Qualcomm is keeping an eye on the future pretty well. Oh it also tells me that video may be a reason for people to trade in devices in the future . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is left for Netflix to be ON?

Finally, catch my interviews at the Geeky Manifestos Blog.

– Steven Savage