MMOs and Success

Last post I mentioned that I had come to the conclusions that MMO's would actually increase in market share and as part of gaming.  I believed this was due to the social nature they provided, the persistent and expanding content elements, and the financial benefits.

Though companies still need to make sure they reach enough people to take advantage of this success.  There are things that can remain undone – or done badly – that could slow successes of their products.  So what do I feel MMO's need to do to take advantage of a market that's in their favor (and not do it wrong)?

Know The Market and Find The Market: Wow is not for everyone, nor is DCU Online, or anything else.  There are plenty of markets out there, and someone who is wanting to surf the wave of potential MMO success needs to know them  – and cater to them.

Social, Social, Social: Social factors in MMOs cannot be ignored and need to be built on and expanded on.  The social draw and social elements are huge advantages of the MMO market, and that needs to be played on.

Grow and Maintain: "New Content" is the rallying cry I hear in so many MMOs, so keep things fresh and interesting.  MMO's "living" nature means people want to see new stuff and indeed expect it.

Make Your IP work for you:  Whether it's an existing property or its building a new one make sure the IP is big, bold, and consistent.  Worldbuilding is an advantage, so go do some and get people into the world.  It also leads to spinoff products.

Someone Get On The Damn Mobile Devices: Look, Pocket Legends is great, but anyone else should be having a long-term plan to get a client on the lighted devices possible.  Someone that can let people game over a 3G/4G connection and have a good MMO experience will clean up.

Pace Your Price: This is important because different audiences will pay different prices and models are changing.

If You Can't Do MMO, Do MMO-Like: With multiplayer options, etc.

Solo Content Is Needed: A good MMO can be soloed and teamed – or at least makes teacups easier when needed.  Despite the social factors, timing and other issues can keep people from doing team play and they need something  to do.

So those are my thoughts on what MMO's need to come out ahead in an advantageous – but competitive market.  Any thoughts?

Steven Savage