Frustration Friday: Wankpocalypse Why?

As I've noted many times, I view fandom and geeky activities as being roughly (and for some, inseparably) divided into two basic motivations: to have fun, or to fulfill career/life ambitions. This is, of course, an extremely simplistic reduction, doubtlessly limited, but hey, it's a Frustration Friday, and I'm gonna rant.

What am I ranting about? I'm ranting about the fact that fannish, geeky, otaku activities bogged down in wank (pointless and dramatic arguing that is a tad too personal, if you're not familiar with the use of the word). I find some of the arguments, battles, fan wars, and so forth stupid and nonproductive.

It seems every other week one of my friends tells me about, or is directly experiencing some kind of massive breakdown in an online community dedicated to fannish and geeky things. You know what? This is missing the point.

If your fandom, your hobby, your geekyness is for fun?  Then have fun.  Arguing, personal battles, fights over relationships among characters, flame wars over game systems . . . all of the destroys the fun.  Honestly, where's the fun in spending time arguing about things you should be enjoying?

If your hobbyist activities are also professional ones, then flame wars and backstabbing over pairings is unprofessional and also pointless.  Look, I won't pretend the business world doesn't get nasty, but it is often professionally nasty.  If your interests in your hobbies are for career growth, you and those with similar interests don't need flame wars.

Either way, a bunch of wank does nothing for anyone. It's not fun. It doesn't lead to professional growth.  It just it just ruins things.

Fun or professionalism. Neither have time or need of petty problems.

Steven Savage