Innovation Is What You Don’t Do

Let's face it, my professional geeks, we love it. We also need it  – hey, how many of us work to push the envelope or even get beyond envelopes entirely (we must not bow to the envelopes).  For that matter, these days, innovation is needed both in a changing world and to deal with old ways of thinking and producing.

We are all about innovation.

The problem is innovation is often about leaving things behind.

That may sound strange say, but think about it for a moment.

Sometimes Innovation means doing less.  Just look at the kind of minimalism that made Apple work.  Sometimes what is innovative is finding out what's not needed.

Sometimes innovation is about applying what works.  Not every bright idea you have is right for the time, the industry, or the job.  Sometimes innovation is about leaving behind some ideas so you can implement the right ones.

Sometimes innovation is knowing when to quit.  There is a time when the radical step you take is to say "it is done" and move on.

So, channel that innovation, use it, cultivate it.  Just remember sometimes it's about what you don't do.

Steven Savage