Progeek Pride: Knowledge

I'm all for professional geek pride. That  is incredibly obvious if you've read any of this blog. Or met me.  Or seen my website. You could probably tell by telepathy, but I digress (which you also know I do)

Something struck me recently at work (don't worry, in a good way), and that is one thing that helps define, and as a point of pride for professional geeks. We geeks internalize a lot of information–most of it useful (you know, beyond Boba Fett's actual age).

Really, it's a massive advantage we geeks have–we have a lot of information that we can call upon very quickly because, well were geeks. We remember those tricks for coding Java, or the history of why a given movie failed, or obscure but useful information about molecules.  Our love of our subject means its in our heads.

That means we can call upon it immediately.

That means we're always thinking about it and adding to it and playing with it.

That means we're always aware of it.

That means we at least know where we start when we research.

This is a great strength.  It's something to appreciate, because it lets you leverage it better.

This is a point for (appropriate) pride as a geek.  You're a walking reference guide, a person inclined to storing information, a user of that information.  You're a point of decisions and innovation because of that knowledge, a human lever in the social and cultural machine.

(OK I overdid it there, but you get the point).

So remember geeks and professional geeks, you're about information.  That's part of who you are.  That's something to remember as a professional and a geek.

Steven Savage