News Of The Day 4/12/2011

Lots of theorizing today, the video wars enter yet another new phase of insanity, and we celebrate an anniversary and mourn a passing! Let's get to your progeek news:

MUST READ: Does the web encourage us to plan for failure

MUST READ: Seth Godin speculates we're losing the dividend of digital development. Though I wouldn't say it's all wasted, I think at times we're not taking advantage of it, or not doing so consciously. Of course we geeks are damned good at using it.

Are we seeing a generation of Zukerberg wannabes? Well, I'd answer "duh", but here's a profile of a young man who fits the mold, and some thoughts on what this means. I'd also note that, being in Silicon Valley, it is a WAY different culture, and it is a place of ferment – its' just not all creative ferment pays off.

OK it may seem Barry Ritholtz, skeptic that he is, thinks' there's validity to the theories behind a book on a dow of 38,820 in 2025. No, really, and yes, THAT Barry Ritholtz. I'm curious now.

Thinking of a startup? Here's ways financing has changed.

Gawker has a snarky but helpful look at education and student debt which may be helpful after you get over the depressing truths.

The costumes for the Batman: Live stage presentation – and they look pretty good. Not sure how well this will do (it may be dealing with drag due to the Spiderman musical), but it is intriguing to watch.

Unpaid bloggers file suit against AOL in what is sure to be another part of the whole continuing drama. Folks, we're sorry here we thought AOL was viable . . .

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight.

Vudu's streaming is going to be in your browser, and it sounds like they're going to go Full Metal Netflix in the future. I want to see how they compete, but a larger lesson is Wal-Mart is working, however erratically, to build an ecosystem like others.

Meanwhile Hulu may be a victim of it's own success.

Finally, the evidence apple is gearing up for a cloud-based video service. This doesn't sound BS-y, this sounds like some thoughtful speculation. So was Apple TV only a prototype or a tracer round? Let's find out . . .

Video Games:
The inventor of the game cartridge, Jerry Lawson, has passed away

Five ways MMOs can be better. A nice read.

Wait, what? Guitar hero may not be dead! Admittedly I'm not pumped about it coming back, but I thought music games had played themselves out.

Chinese online game market? It was worth $5 billion in 2010.

Thoughts on why Genres are limiting in gaming. I'm starting to feel the same way about games, having seen good "fusions" like Puzzle Quest and Borderlands that made me think genre concepts are limiting.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Do our genre concepts limit game development, and if so how do we get over it?

Steven Savage