Go Farther: We Need a Remake Site

Remakes are a big trend in the Geekonomy.  From reviving films like "Fright Night" and "Highlander" to remakes of games and tv shows (or slapping an old name on a new game), everything's getting remade.  I eagerly await the revival of "M.A.S.K." and "Zapped."

OK, no I don't.  Well, not "Zapped", but anyway . .

Watching my childhood and teenage years get remade has given me an idea, an idea that I humbly present to you, my audience, as a venture someone(s) should engage in.

We need a site that tracks remakes of media.

Think of what it could be like.  You can look up a title (perhaps in many languages) and see what was made, what is out, and what is coming.  You can find out the status of your favorite beloved property, or discover something you liked is just another story renamed.  There can be discussions and rants and posts.

It'd be a fun site to run.  It'd be an actual contribution to media awareness and history.  I bet with the right ads, merch, and a book or two it'd be a side business for some people, or even good addition to a larger freelance career or media career.

So, go forth my readers.  Someone make this happen!

Steven Savage