Geek Job Guru: In Defense Of Remakes


Back when I was writing on nostalgia, Jason Sacks had commented that we should be aware remakes provide constraints and constraints can be virtuous creatively.

That idea got me to stop in my mental tracks and think this over. Now I’m not fundamentally opposed to remakes, but I’m getting a bit tired of seeing them so often. But his comment made me think that, yes constraints are valuable and indeed I’ve been a bit (only a bit) unfair to remakes in our modern culture.  Certainly there are ones I like, agree are good, or want to see.

So I think it’s time that I, geek job guru, culture commentator, and creative guy, give some thought to when I think remakes are legitimate and even good. It may give you some food for thought, inspire you, or make you think “He’s full of it” and ignore me – but at least you’ll ignore me for a reason.

So without further ado, Steve’s List Of When Remakes Are A Good Idea.

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Survery Sunday: Back to the 80’s!

OK, it seems plenty of 80's cartoon properties are getting revived, remade, or turned into films.  It's why I expect someday we'll have My Little Thunderpony: G.I. Guardian of Grayskull.

So, what's the next conceptually and financially viable remake or remakes you can think of?

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Steven Savage