News Of The Day 5/10/2011

No funny lead ins – we got lots of news

Microsoft Buys Skype:
This is pretty big, and it's been ricocheting around the geekosphere all morning – but that's it. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion.

There's now downside to a purchase of a company into voice/video communication, many users, with a solid (and repurposeable) technical base.

Geekwire thinks the same way I do – this is a killer combo with Kinect and the XBox. I'd also add that this puts Microsoft into "mobile" in a far different way and keeps heading the way I expect – they're going "around" Tablets to something else.

Skype pretty much confirms They're going to be everywhere.

So, quick tip roundup:

  • This is good for Microsoft, perhaps very good – and their first big acquisition in awhile. Might be a good time to look at them for employment.
  • This is a purchase against type – and for the future. Microsoft is clearly thinking ahead. Another good sign – and a sign to me they want to get more radical than Follow Apple.
  • The gaming division in Microsoft is going to have a field day with this.
  • This changes things for other gaming companies.

My Little Sony: Networking Is Tragic
Looks like it's at least a few more days. Really not an informative post, people.

By the way, remember this doesn't' just affect Sony and it's customers – it affects other game companies, like Capcom.

Who is paying for the Eurozone bailout. Something to remember when the people involved remind the EU members who saved their bacon.

There's almost certainly going to be a Highlander Reboot for . . . I dunno, money. Really, what part of "there can be only one" didn't you people get . . .

Publishing:'s CEO speaks on how it's going to change direction – with an emphasis on platforms over just being a publisher. Oddly humble interview for someone so high up. I wonder if this means they might be further integrating with other services . . . say iBookstore, Google, etc. . . .

Good sign for the economy? Y Combinator accepted a record number of startups.

MORE big news: Google to allow movie rentals via the Android Market. It sounds like it's basically like Apple's App store. Once again Google keeps a finger in every pie – and remember all their ventures with YouTube? Yeah, I wonder how they can combine that . . . and how amateur and indies can get into this marketplace.

Video Games:

Social game developer Funzio (who I never heard of) raised $20 million in investment. Get the resumes ready – you know what to do.

This is interesting – a merger of multiple Japanese game publishers – Marvelous, AQ Interactive, and Liveware. Liveware does mobile, the others do a mix of popular to oddball titles. Going to be interesting to see what they do.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:OK what is Microsoft gonna do with Kinect?

Steven Savage