News Of The Day 5/20/2011

More demographic news, more on LinkedIn,more remakes, and more writing advice – let's get to today's news!

How states are doing in the recession which is pretty much 'mostly better but not always that hot.' Only Louisiana is doing as worse as ever.

MUST READ: Richard Florida takes a look at The Best Places for College Grads and I recommend you read it. Washington DC is tops, but there's some definite surprises here.

Anime and Animation:
A voice actress looks at her career chronology.  Very informative if you're interested in that kind of career!

Main Street Connect buys CentralMassNews – Not news to you? This is one hyperlocal news company buying another, and having a few more ambitions. I want to watch this one to see if it's the beginning of a larger hyperlocal initiative. Might be resume time for you – or their model may be worth emulating.

Gawker tones down the sarcasm to point out Barnes and Noble is a pretty good buy for Liberty Media. The arguments are insightful and informative.

An author revives one of her books as an ebook as a larger strategy. Pretty interesting stuff, and her strategies are worth reading about. You'll also want to check out just to see what favorite titles are coming back.

'Carrie' will be remade by the person who was brought in to save the 'Spiderman' musical.
No, I don't see a point to this, so it's brought up as one of those endless remake reminders I bring up.

The First 'Fletch' film is getting remade. Well, admittedly the books and such are ripe for work, but again I don't see the point. Also it's hard to get someone the caliber of Chevy Chase, so I can't see this going to series.

Social Media:
LinkedIn continues it's surge – and people continue to be skeptical.

It's On. The New CEO of Dish Network is planning more acquisitions and to take on Netflix. Well certainly Dish can challenge them, and their new CEO has cajones. Let's see how this goes – and it may yield some job opportunities as Dish gears up. I'm a big, BIG fan of Netflix, but I always like competition in the market, and this is refreshingly in-your-face.

Video Games:
And on the heels of worrying about a Social Media bubble, Gameloft's CEO worries about a social game bubble. Admittedly he may have a point, so I want to watch this space to A) see just how much of a bubble there may be, B) if the concerns over a bubble take off. I'd be all for more caution.


More Mobile Action: Mobile Game Company Fuse lands $2 million in funding.

Sony still in the news with the rumor L.A. Noire causes some PS3s to overheat. NO idea what's going on here, or why there's all the back-and-forth going on about what's up.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So can Dish take on Netflix?

Steven Savage