Fandom And Hard Work

Ever see someone really go full bore into their hobby or geeky interests?  Ever see someone spent days making a cosplay?  Ever watch someone write an epic fanfic?  Fans, geeks, and otaku are very, very industrious people – and if you don't believe me, I can tell you a few stories about sports fans that'd amaze you . . .

One of the many virtues of fans is that they work very hard at what they love.  Sure we know it – we do it.  However though we know it, we don't always appreciate it.

I think it's important to appreciate it – and appreciate what it means career-wise.

Just think of what this sheer industry means:

  • Development – Your hobbies teach you how to work hard.  There's a great virtue in learning how to be that disciplined and that hard working.
  • Display Of Virtue – Want to impress potential partners, employers, or investors?  Just mention your hobby and show how much you do for fun.  Then swing into showing how industrious you are overall.  It's a great way to show your ability to get things done.
  • Self-Respect – Think your lazy?  Think again – look at your hobbies, your geekery, and see just how hard-working you really are.
  • Portfolio Filler – You probably have a lot you can use to show off your skills as well – from writing to websites to art.

All that hard work you're doing as a geek, fan, or otaku?  Appreciate it – because there's a lot of opportunities to use it in your career.

Steven Savage