KinToki-Con: Review Part 1

This is actually going to be a two-parter on attenting KinToki-con.  First a review – and then my impressions of their professional focus.

KinToki-Con is a new anime-themed convention in Sacramento, CA.  Since I've never been to Sacramento, and since they invited me, I wanted to give it a shot.  Of course I did some career panels – along with some creativity panels.  I'll let you know how those went.

So let's get to it!

KinToki-Con is located in the Hyatt in downtown Sacramento.  It's a pretty nice facility and good for a small to medium convention.  Extremely classy place, very polite staff, and the room rates were reasonable considering the location.  The in-hotel food was really expensive however, which was annoying – and it was often expensive in erratic ways ($12 for a mixed drink I don't get, but $14 for gourmet sliders and sweet potato fries made sense).

This was pretty well-run for a first year con.  Things got done on time, there were no incidents, and there was a lot of stuff to do.

There was also a wide smattering of events, from music shows to panels to game tournaments.  The convention managed to have not only a little bit of everything, but enough of everything to make it work and be very entertaining.

My Events:
So what did I do?  Well, here's the rundown.

The Power Of Brainstorming: My usual creativity panel.  This one usually ends with a brainstorming session but instead we ended up doing more discussions.  A neat idea that came out of this I want to share with my fellow progeeks – a brainstorming or creativity "boot camp" at a convention.  I like that idea.

The State Of The Geekonomy: This was a new, stripped-down version of the presentation to only focus on major, audience-relevant trends.  This went pretty good and we had a lot of great discussions go on.  I think the focus definitely helped, and it also helped look at the overal narrative for the attendees.

Crossover Mania: Not a professional one, but this is an idea I want to encourage you ALL to steal.  The audience assembled the most insane yet consistent crossover they could – in this case we merged Ergo Proxy, One Piece, FMA, Code Geas, Hellboy, Hellsing, Harlock, Soul Eater, Golgo13, and Black Jack.  I definitely want to do this again – and I think as a kind of competitive event or have different teams do it.

Why You Don't Have Your Dream Job: My inexplicably popular panel on a depressing subject made its come back and as usual, people enjoyed it.  This one is pretty automatic to do, so I want to work to punch it up so I don't get lazy.

A fun con.  I'd DEFINITELY go back because if this is year one?  Year two is going to be great!

Steven Savage