KinToki-Con: Review Part 2

After reviewing KinTokicon in general, I wanted to focus specifically on their Progeek activities – and what your con can learn from them.

First of all, the convention right off the bat, first year, made sure they had a professional track.  They noted it specifically, noted the interest in their audience, and divided up events appropriately.  This was a classy and smart move – and it set the stage for future growth.

A lesson to learn here is that to really do a professional track – it helps to kind of just do it.  I also think calling it out gave the con a professional atmoshpere.

Secondly there was a nice mix of pro panels to start.  I think that's also foundational – you want to mix it up, within the limits of your audience's interests.

Third, they did something I want to see more of – they invited a college of art and design to have a table there.  The people were thrilled to be there and got a surprising amount of attention.  As I've said, I've seen this done before – but mostly at larger cons.  They did this from the start.

Toss on these foundational elements to a con already well-run?  Definitely hit one out of the ballpark.  I think they showed a lot of promise for the first year, but these two moves show an inclination toward professionalism I want to see more of.

Well, heck, I plan to be back, so I'll be there encouraging it directly.

Steven Savage

KinToki-Con: Review Part 1

This is actually going to be a two-parter on attenting KinToki-con.  First a review – and then my impressions of their professional focus.

KinToki-Con is a new anime-themed convention in Sacramento, CA.  Since I've never been to Sacramento, and since they invited me, I wanted to give it a shot.  Of course I did some career panels – along with some creativity panels.  I'll let you know how those went.

So let's get to it!

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