News Of The Day 6/23/2011

Pottermore. Nuff said.

An interesting look at how people use their leisure times by demographics.

OK try and follow this. The CEO of Netflix, who sits on the board of Microsoft, is now on the board of Facebook. Some potential alliances brewing perhaps?

Geek Law:
OK they may have botched it by accident, but The Netherlands is the second country to have a Net Neutrality law after Chilie. A trend yet?

Here comes the Google Antitrust Investigation.

G4 will run the 'Iron Man' and 'Wolverine' anime. We reported this awhile ago, I just want to see how it goes over.

Here you go. There is a Pottermore website. It appears to be a place to get Harry Potter Ebooks, and has some social and gaming aspects plans, but no MMO (which I think would be IMPOSSIBLE to conceal, trust me on this). It sounds like a brand/book extenuation that may be interesting and revive interest (note the timing with the last film), and may be worth watching to see what they try (and duplicate it). Heck it might be worth applying to job-wise depending.

Also note? This is basically her self-publishing.

(Note – the development with Sony? NOT gonna encourage people security-wise)

And here is a far more sane look at the problem of eBook Spam/Content Farms. There's a lot to chew on here, and it suggests controls for such things will need to evolve in the ebook space. I sure hope so.

Video Games:
Rumors persist that EA may buy Popcap. That would be huge as they'd get a profitable company (at a high price) that recently adsorbed other companies, and that has a deal with Amazon.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So Pottermore.  How big do you think it'll get?

Steven Savage