Dream Job Ranting Part 1

Get a real job.

Anyone tired of hearing that?  I am, and I haven't heard it directed towards me in decades.  I'm just sick of it being directed towards other people.  (I think being a Project Manager in mobile technology I'm spared because no one knows what the hell I'm talking about).

Here's some news for those making those snide comments.

A dream job IS a real job.

A dream job is about doing work you love.

A dream job is about making something you love.

A dream job is about using your passions.

That is a real job and just because it's someone's dream to do it doesn't make it any less valid.  A dream is something you have so you can make something real.

Why all this stuff about a dream job being a joke?  Probably a mix of faux-pragmatism to show off mixed with jealousy over people who actually make it work.  No one likes a reminder that they sold their dreams out on the cheap.

So you got a dream job?  Good.  That is a real job.

You telling people their dream jobs are stupid?  Have a nice glass of shut up and get back to dreaming.

As for how we got to this point?  I have a theory I'll be blowing off steam about next Friday . . .

Steven Savage