News Of The Day 6/24/2011

GoDaddy Getting Bought is unexpected. Sony getting sued . . . is not. It's the surprising and unsurprising today!

A long but mind-blowingly fascinating look at the history of Corporations. This thing is packed with enough ideas for a bunch of articles, and will help you rethinking economics, economy, attention, etc. I can't say I agree with all of it, but boy will you think.  Call it "kinda must read."

Geek Law:
Is Best Buy trying to own the word 'Geek' or just defend Geek Squad? Something a professional geek like me is going to watch . . .

Looks like we've got another child porn/manga/Canada issue on our hands.

Just why did the Green Lantern movie not do so hot?

Outages and Outrages:
There's a lawsuit against Sony over the security breaches, and it alleges layoffs that may have affected customer security, as well as poor, secondary practices. Told you this wasn't over, so all you Geek Law types watch and learn, all you working in security you have a new scare story to put the fear of Hack into non-techs, and those of you in gaming . . . watch a publicity disaster.

Bioware is hacked. Is this even news for us anymore?

Wait, PSN Japan is still down? I keep forgetting this since I figure it has to have gone up and I missed it.

A nice look at winners and losers in 'Pottermore'. For myself I have to say this kind of makes sense – and any pressure to have Amazon do EPub is welcome. Sony as a winner maybe . . . but a part of me feels that in the light of their hack scandal some people are gonna love a crack at Pottermore . . .

Woah. Domain Registration king Go Daddy is in talks to be purchased. Go Daddy is used by a lot of people, and depending who gets them, it could represent a critical change for these users. It could also mean an interesting new entity to work for – or compete with.

Looks like Amazon is looking to set up shop in India. There's also recruiting going on here (hint, hint).

MUST READ: The Competitive Edge of APIs. If you're not a programmer, APIs are formal, public ways for people to access systems – and several companies like Netflix have made their vast databases and functions available (with security of course) leading to popularity, 3rd party apps, and general adaption

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So just who do you think wants their hands on GoDaddy?

Steven Savage