Convention Thoughts

My experiences at Anime North and KinToki-Con 2011 are stil burning in my head, and I wanted to share a few interesting insights I had for progeeks and for conventions.

Attending a convention is great for your progeekery in several ways:

First, if you're down in the dumps about your career, it's a great way to get re-energized.  You need to be around your fellow geeks, talk to them, hang out, and have fun.  I've seen people come alive at cons despite career and other troubles.

Secondly, cons are fantastic places to brainstorm.  Every time I'm at one my Brainstorm Book ends up with a lot of new ideas because I get so inspired.  All the interaction, all the energy, really gets my mind going more than normal. 

Third, you might meet people who help you out with both one and two.

Maybe you don't just have to go to cons for fun – maybe you can "apply" them therapeutically and career-wise.  Next time you're down or in a career rut, see if going to one helps.

The best thing you may do professionally is get on your Catgirl Maid Rorschach* costume and go to a convention.

Steven Savage

* This exists, doesn't it?  "I'll look down at all the scum and go . . . nyao!"