Frustration Friday: Dream Job Ranting, Part 2

OK last week I discussed the fact that many dream jobs are real jobs.  But where do we get the idea a dream job isn't a real job?

From people who don't really want jobs.

A job is something that lets you be part of society, to produce things, and to make a living.  A job is active and productive, ideally.  A job does something and helps you be someone.

But what far too many people want is to get paid to do nothing, or at least nothing productive.

They want to be movie star who is paid to be famous.  They want the rock star lifestyle without the work it takes to get there (or maintain it).  They want to do nothing and be famous and go to parties and so on.

Some people even achieve it.  Many celebrities, far too many pundits, and assorted people in positions of high power and low morals don't DO anything.  They make plenty of money being them.

Usually they're a bunch of asses who screw things up for everyone as well.

These people, and those who follow in the demented dream of money for nothing, screw up the idea of a dream job.  They promote the idea of  a dream job as something where you get paid for nothing.  That's not a job, that's a scam.

And people who try and have these dream jobs, and those that buy into the lie, screw it up for the rest of us.

They screw it up because then other people think "oh he or she has a dream job, they too must be a lazy idiot or a scam artist!"  Thanks various jackasses throughout history, those of us who actually like to work to do something we love have to justify it to others.

Thanks you idiots.  You've made it harder for us to justify our dream jobs.

Fortunately, we like working, so it's just a bit more work for us.

Steven Savage