Survey Sunday Roundup: Comic Adaptions

So what did you, our readers, think about new adaptions for comic books?

Question #1: We've seen many adaptions to classic comic characters. What's the best media adaption outside of comics?

  • 36.4% – Novels
  • 9.1% – Television (Live)
  • 54.5% – Television (Miniseries)
  • 18.2% – Movies

We also had suggestions for Tabletop RPGs, Multimedia, Animated Movies, and 13-episode animated miniseries.

I found the lack of interest in Live Teleivion compelling.  It sounds like people overall aren't happy with live adaptions – and I can kind of understand it.

The enthusiasm for Television Miniseries really intrigued me.  I've been kicking around the idea some comic properties would be best handled by the Movie channels as they've done things like Game Of Thrones, etc.  It seems some folks are thinking the same thing.


Question #2:  What comic adaptions do you want to see?

And the answers we got were: Courtney Crumrin, Sandman, Usagi Yojimbo, Nova, Savage Dragon, X-Men, webcomics, Cloak and Dagger, Moon Knight, Dakota North, Power Pack, Runaways, the current D&D comic, old D&D comics, and "mine."  We also had the intriguing suggestion that Sandman could be done FPS or even MMO.

Beyond the fact we have an audience that is pretty comics-literate, I noticed most of the suggestions were not "big names" but are very adaptable to other media (please turn the Savage Dragon over to the people behind BlazBlue . . .).  I think that when we go out of the movie mold for comics properties, it opens up worlds of what we can consider.

So that's our roundup.  Join us next survey!

Steven Savage