Frustration Friday: Far More Is Destroyed

There's so much talk about the destruction to lives caused by the Great Recession/Reset.  But I think the news articles and certainly the pundits rarely dig deep enough to show how it hurts.

It's not just about people out of work.  It's about people who have lost identities, livelihood, and indeed their futures.

Those people who have lost so much have friends and families.  They too suffer as those they love enter a spiral of depression, joblessness, and hopelessness.

Those who are dependent on the unemployed have their futures destroyed, their families broken, their dreams shattered.

Those who help the unemployed spend time, money, and sanity to help them.  They too get drained and tired.

It's not a bunch of disconnected people without jobs.  It's a spiderwebbing disaster tearing apart lives in many ways.

So next time you hear anyone talking about the impact of unemployment?  Chances are they're not digging deep enough.  Feel free to chew them out.

And tell me about it.  I'll find it cathartic!

– Steven Savage