Survey Sunday Roundup: Ecosystem Enigmas

So last Sunday we asked this question:

"So, once Amazon announces their inevitable Tablet, we'll have three "ecosystems of integrated technology more or less – Google, Amazon, and Apple. Who's going to throw their hat into the ring of integrated-consumer-systems next?"

What did we get?

  • 0% of people said Wal-Mart
  • 50% of people said Microsoft
  • 16.7% of people said Sony
  • 16.7% of people said HP
  • 16.7% of people said someone we haven't thought of yet!

(No one for Wal-Mart?  I'm kind of surprised).

And what comments did we get?

  • Amazon – However they're too late.
  • In some sense Sony is already trying to do this with the next PSP, but it's rather different in scope and intention
  • My guess is one of the social media networks looking to expand past what currently exists.
  • Microsoft. They're going to go all out on the XBox to make it a kind of ecosystem, and as a basis for future development.

Some good comments – but I found the idea of a Social Media network jumping in on this to be REALLY intrigung.  Facebook or Twitter or someone with a good infrasctucture we haven't thought of could have the time and cash to launch one.  Imagine, for instance, doing a "business computer" of some kind, or Salesforce branded systems?

Great thoughts – and keep it coming team!

Steven Savage