Frustration Friday: PLEASE sell out

"I don't want to sell out."  Yes, we hear that from many people, from those that are true geniuses to failed writers and singers wanting to excuse the fact that they actually really suck.  But it is, for some, a real fear, a definite terror, and one that I sincerely think people need to be told to get the heck over.

Please, for the love of all that's holy my progeeks and progeekesses (and your young progeekettes), sell out and go and make gobs of money being famous and influential.

First, I doubt you're actually going to sell out if you're the kind of person that reads this blog.  Oh you might a bit, you may compromise a tad, but I'm sure you'll do pretty well.  Take a look at how many profans and protaku are out there who are famous and are actually pretty cool to at least tolerable.

Secondly, go on and hit the big leagues because we need you out there being influential.

Yes, think about it, if you become hot stuff, if your novel is huge, if you're a big name in gaming, then you can go make a difference.  You have a chance to change the industry and the world, hire people, be heard.  You, by being part of the system can actually work to change what doesn't work.

Kind of worth the risk of selling out, isn't it?

Imagine what you can do with influence, with a good reputation, with the regard of fans or fellows?  Worth taking the risk of selling out and becoming an insufferable twonk, isn't it?

You're not going to change the system from the outside, folks, so dive on into it.  I'm pretty confident you can make a difference.

And if you sell out all the way and become an intolerable jackass?  I'll be here to remind you.

(If I totally sell out, then you have to yell at me.  Remember that).

– Steven Savage