Late Breaking Geekery: Net Freedom and The British PM is A Moron

Yes, in case you hadn't heard, British PM David Cameron apparently wants to ban people from social media if they might be plotting violence, among other things.  GigaOm has a roundup of some reactions and further thoughts.

So a few progeek thoughts:

  1. Cameron is a complete dunce to even consider this.  Secondly, though I credit him for going public with his insane thoughts and not plotting in private, he's now only convinced more people he's a potential dictator as opposed to thinking "man, I have some stupid ideas."  He has just invited comparisons to Egypt and Syria, and *HE* gets to be Hosni Mubarak in people's minds.
  2. If this was even attempted, it would A) fail, and B) turn into something FAR more deadly and serious because Cameron would look like a dictator to many.  If he thinks he has problems now, he should ask what happens when people think he's playing internet cop or worse.
  3. Be warned if stories of this get out – and perhaps get amplified by fear, loathing and, ironically, social media – there will be worse violence in Britain.
  4. We're fortunate that companies like Twitter put the smack down on this, though I hear mixed reports as to what RIM is doing.
  5. This is a serious progeek issue (as well as a human issue) – net freedom, real net freedom, is one of the most important issues of our time.
  6. This could screw with the British economy if it gets bad, further complicating world economic issues.

Cameron hasn't been handling things too well – this doesn't help and it's very troubling.

Steven Savage